Custom Gates for specific use Designed to fit your style!

Our specialty is designing, creating and installing high-end custom gates that will last a lifetime. An important part of the design phase is to match the right gate opening system to the custom gate. Our experience and wide range of resources will help our clients in selecting the right products.

Rockstar Welding provides information on automated gate systems that combine automatic gate operators and access controls from the industries' leading manufacturers to aid in project specific solutions. These components coupled with a custom made ROCKSTAR gate help raise the bar in the industry by providing complete gate entry systems that meet ASTM F2200 and UL325 safety standards for automated gates.

For years, the fence and gate industry has been a separate trade from the operator and access control industry. This separation has made it difficult for specifiers and end users to make an informed decision about what products work best for a specific entry application. Rockstar’s goal is to provide its customers with support in combining gate, operator & access controls. That is why we have invested in training our employees on best practices for safety and product selection. Rockstar’s knowledgeable staff will be able to assist architects and engineers who are seeking assistance in gate entry layout and design, as well as direct specifiers to the appropriate products that best fit the required application.